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Books worth bringing along
Blue guide Umbria - Blue guide Tuscany
Important sites to review before departure
U.S. Citizen Services has most of the useful information. Hopefully you will never need them but they are a great asset should you be find yourself requiring assistance.
A weather report that is strangely reliable. Use Chiusi as the “localita” Our Climate is relatively mild. We only really installed a/c for the comfort of our guests and many visitors don’t really ever use it. We usually suffer through about three to four sporadic weeks of uncomfortable summer heat. Lately July has been the hottest with the highs being in the low nineties and evening temperatures not falling beneath seventy five. Otherwise from June to late September the highs will be in the mid eighties and the lows will be somewhere in the sixties. It could rain during this period but usually for not more than a day. The humidity is not too bad either. Rome and Florence are much warmer. The winters are not too bad. It tends to flurry a couple of times a year and we get a good snow storm about once every two years. The snow doesn’t last more than a couple of days but we aren’t too used to it so five inches will shut down the area.
Health Insurance
Statistically speaking someone is sooner or later going to sprain an ankle. Health care in Italy can be both better and worse than what you are accustomed to. Emergency services in our area of Italy are outstanding. I have actually needed medical help while in Rome and returned to Umbria to receive it rather than suffer the overly congested hospitals of the capital. Regardless of where you are in Italy you will eventually be cared for. Once you are healed you will asked for proof of insurance or you will be handed an invoice. It works similarly to how it works in the States, although it is against the law here to refuse medical attention so you will be tended to regardless of your ability to pay or not. Please consult your health care provider to see if you are covered and plan accordingly.
These are the hospitals most closely located to the house:
  • Perugia - Silvestrini (Santa Maria della Misericordia) - www.ospedale.perugia.it
  • Montepulciano - (Riuniti della Valdichiana) - www.siena1.urodoc.it/home
  • Car hire
    For those of you that are staying on after the tour and would like to rent a car both Avis and Hertz are located nearby in the town of Chiusi.