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We like to eat and we like to drink. We maintain a 8,000 sq. ft biological vegetable garden that is used to supply the house. We also have hens, chickens, and sometimes rabbit. Almost everything that we prepare at the house is produced by us. We are fortunate to also have two lakes nearby which enable us to include fresh water fish dishes that are like nothing that you have ever tasted.
For the evening kitchen sessions we invite a different local woman for each meal to demonstrate how it is done. You will have the opportunity to observe and participate in the preparation. We feel that this type of dining experience is unsurpassable at most restaurants and offers our guests the type of quality that may only be found in such a private and intimate setting. If the group should however decide that they prefer to dine away from the house we will provide transportation to and from dinner although the expense of the dinner in this case will not be covered. In a seven day schedule we will typically have four or five cooking sessions at the house and the remaining dinners will be taken as dictated by the itinerary that you have chosen.
Since our vacations are customized we are able to satisfy whatever special requests that you may have, i.e. vegetarian meals, no pork, no broccoli, etc. We will also do our best to include any dishes that you are interested in learning how to prepare. We have an old wood burning oven that is big enough to accommodate an entire pig. I am told that people used to sleep in it when the weather was really cold.
Most of the wine we serve comes from the Cantina Madrevite, which is next door and uses some of our land for their vines. We are heavily involved with this cantina and I work with them when I am not touring people around.