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our location Vaiano (village name)
Castiglione del Lago (town name)
Perugia (province/county)
Umbria (region/state)
coordinates 43.056432,12.008389
telephone ++39 339 705 9068
email robert@umbriatrip.com
Please call anytime between 1 a.m. and 5 p.m. EST.
Booking info
Once you contact me and submit your itinerary choices I will present you with a detailed estimate (use the prices listed in the Vacation Plans section as a reference). If you accept the estimate and would like to book I will send you a contract and payment options. I generally take a 25% deposit at the time of booking with the rest payable sixty days prior to your arrival. Refunds depend upon the size of the group and what funds I have already committed. Each group is different so the conditions are unique each time and to be fair I prefer to set the conditions on a case by case basis. Everything is explained and spelled out in the estimate so there are no surprises. I can tell you that in most cases if the group needs to cancel within sixty days of arrival and the lodging is reserved at our farm I will apply the payment to another time slot with little extra cost and if the group cancels prior to the sixty day mark I will generally refund the 25%. There is less flexibility when I have reserved additional lodging nearby because most lodging providers in this area are a bit more severe with their forfeiture policy.