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Robert was born in Providence, Rhode Island, where he lived until his family moved to South Florida when he was fourteen. He graduated college in Florida and holds two degrees, one in history and one in economics. He worked for Marriott Hotels while going to school where he picked up some valuable hospitality skills that are now proving useful. After graduation Robert worked as a building site manager and traveled extensively in the U.S. and South and Central America.
Robert came to Italy when he was twenty six. He was on vacation and in Rome to visit friends. He met his future wife there and didn’t return home. After a while he began doing contract work for the U.N. and Department of State and eventually found a permanent position working for the U.S. Mission in Rome.
Silvia was born in Rome and raised in Castiglione del Lago and graduated from the Academia delle Belle Arti in Perugia with a degree in painting. She owns a graphic arts studio and also teaches art in public school. She has won national awards in both fields. She is also an excellent mother and cook.
Together they own a small farm that was in disrepair when they purchased it. With the help of Silvia’s father, brother, and some uncles and friends they restored the property back to its original beauty. With the help of Silvia’s mother they also learned to raise animals and maintain a healthy garden and olive grove. The couple has also embarked upon recording local oral histories by taping stories told by many of the town elders and pairing them with an assortment of photos and documents taken from private collections. They have also together restored three vintage Vespas.